Although we are halfway into August and starting to see the light at the end of the wintery tunnel, we are not out of the cold and flu woods just yet.

Those pesky winter bugs can infect us all the way to the end of September, so we’ve still got a little while to go defending ourselves against unwelcome winter microbes.

Prevention is better than cure

Amongst all of the wonders of modern and traditional medicine, there aren’t too many medicines that we can call upon to prevent a winter infection. Colds and the flu are caused by viral infections, which are highly contagious and can be passed from person to person in a variety of ways. In short, it is very difficult for us and our kids to avoid them. Realistically, the only way we can give our bodies and our kids’ bodies the best chance of being able to quickly and effectively fight off these viruses is by ensuring they have a strong immune system and healthy immune cells in the first place.

The importance of good nutrition

Like all of our other body cells, our immune cells require a constant supply of specific nutrients to be able to carry out their intended function, that is, defending the body from damage and invasion. When we become deficient in these essential nutrients or we don’t provide an adequate supply across the year, our immune system suffers and our body’s ability to defend itself becomes impaired. ENTER recurring infections or colds that linger and won’t go away! Eating for immunity is the first line of defense when it comes to strengthening immunity and reducing the incidence and severity of winter infection. And it’s not too late to supercharge your kids with some immune enhancing nutrients!


FREE Eating For Immunity Handout

Download your copy of the Eating For Immunity resource I designed with the Melbourne Child Development team. Learn about the top immune-enhancing foods that you can include in your family meals and the important immune boosting nutrients and how to find foods that will provide you with a super supply of them for the last few weeks of winter.